about the movement

The story began when a 16-year-old had an idea, to plant 500 Moringa trees during her summer holidays in an effort to reduce malnourishment and increase awareness about the super, Moringa oleifera. A miraculous plant from our backyard, Moringa is rich in vitamins and minerals that can heal the sick and revive the tired. 


According to the National Food Health Survey 4 Survey in 2015, one in three women and one in two children suffer from anaemia in my home state of Goa, India. I saw Moringa as a solution to this problem, a superfood that is already present in the local cuisine.  An idea, soon turned into reality, when in 2018, I collaborated with the Women and Child Department of the State Government of Goa, several other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) including Xaxti Bikers and local farmers to create seedbombs and plant saplings. 


By the end of the summer monsoon season, we planted 10,000 trees through seedbombs and saplings - 20 times the original goal.

The Moringa Project thrived on community participation, and the process was filmed by a local YouTube channel,d'Art of Science. After the planting, we worked with local district managers to educate breastfeeding mothers about the benefits of Moringa.

As the awareness about this miraculous plant increased, more organisations and state governments were interested in planting of Moringa, helping us spread the movement across state borders.

The Moringa Project, that started in our backyard spread in all directions, planting one seed at a time of Moringa, the miracle from our backyard.