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The Miracle from Our Backyard.

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

The Moringa Project started in Goa, India. A small state in the western ghats, famous for luscious green forests and white sand beaches - a paradise that invites all. Behind the gorgeous front, there are hidden struggles, malnourishment amongst women and children. According to the NFHS4 survey, one in three women and one in two children suffer from anaemia, an iron deficiency. An affordable and easy to implement solution was required to aid in combating the issue. The solution was found in my school yard, a Moringa tree.

Moringa oleifera, the miracle from our backyard, is not only local to the Indian cuisine, but is rich in vitamins and minerals, including iron and protein, the perfect solution. Moringa, also known as drumstick, has been used in a several dahls and curries in India and ancient Ayurvedic practices. It is easy to grow in any warm temperate zone and the entire plant can be consumed. The leaves and seeds are highly nutritious, the roots are an excellent water purifier, the flowers are a lubricant for machines and the flowers smell divine.

Moringa can grow is a tough and drought resistant plant and can grow in extremely hot conditions with low levels of rainfall. It is indigenous to South Asia, but can also be found in parts of Africa. There have been numerous studies regarding the nutritional benefits and application to the human diet and all have concluded that Moringa is a superfood, and a solution to one of the world's most important problem, malnourishment.

This website is dedicated to spreading the Moringa movement throughout India by raising awareness about the benefits that it can reap on society.

Join us, start spreading the movement by planting your seeds today.

Moringa Leaves & Flowers

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